About me

Eduardo Trujillo

Simply put, I love photography and enjoy seeing the world through the lens of the camera. Growing up, photography was not part of me; but as an adult, I bought a point-and-shoot camera to capture memories with my wife. Unexpectedly, the enjoyment of shooting picture after picture and seeing the final results, made me realize photography was a perfect media to create and share distinct moments. Soon enough, I decided to take my photography skills to the professional level; I started constantly reading about photography as well as taking classes. Now with better camera equipment and greater undestanding of this topic, I have made photography part of my life style. I mostly enjoy portrait, scenery and nature photography, as well as the fantastic macro world. Thus, I explore trail after trail searching for hidden subjects and outstanding sights, always striving to capture the picture’s theme in a visually pleasing way. I make every effort to make each photograph worth looking at, one that seizes the nature’s beauty, one that expresses the essence of who we are by capturing those special and important moments in our lives.

Eduardo - the photographer